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Which film is right for me …?

With well over 40 different films available from Oceania Distributing for residential and commercial applications, it can be quite tricky to find a film that will not only do the job you require, but will also be suitable for the type of glass it is to be installed on. The most common glass types are […]


A relatively new addition to our available line up OCEANIA DISTRIBUTING, yet a product that will potentially become one of most popular. The Speed Wing has had outstanding reviews and is quickly becoming a favourite with not only the Window Film Industry, but Vinyl & Graphics installers too. The 4 inch Speed Wing installation tool […]

SunLight 70 is HERE!

The day we have been waiting for is here – Johnson Window Films has introduced the all new SunLight 70, a high VLT solar control window film designed to give impressive IR rejection over the entire IR spectrum making it an extremely energy efficient film. Perfect for retail stores, commercial buildings and prestige homes demanding […]

There’s film at the end of the rainbow …

On rare occasions, some window films with a standard interior scratch resistant coating will exhibit an effect commonly referred to as a ‘rainbow effect’. This is actually the result of ‘Thin Film Interference’ and will have the appearance of various coloured bands  or blotchiness on the film surface that appear to move over the surface […]

UV and IR rays explained …

Discussing the effects of  UV rays such as UVA, UVB, & UVC along with IR rays can be extremely confusing, so in this short write up I will try to keep it as simple as possible. Essentially the suns energy reaches us in many ways. The ways that we will discuss today are the 3 […]

NEW Electro-Magnetic Interference Films

Oceania Distributing have just released another product in their ‘Pro-Select’ range now on offer. The EMI70+ and EMI70 films are a specialty film designed to reduce or block the Electro-Magnetic Waves caused by many electronic hand held devices, mobile phone towers, high tension power lines, and much more. With cyber crime and online fraud on […]

72″ Johnson Window Films

Johnson Window Films long awaited 72″ rolls have finally arrived! Now available in – Solar Silver 20 Daylight Natural 20 Daylight Natural 35 The NEW improved Nightscape 15 The NEW improved Nightscape 25 There is also a media release which states some ‘Suggestions, Pointers, and Tips for 72″ Film Rolls. To check it out please […]

Terms & Conditions of Trade

Updates have recently been made to the ‘Oceania Distributing Pty Ltd Conditions of Trade’ document. To view these changes, please click on the following link – OD – Terms & Conditions of Trade

NEW NightScape 15 & 25 have arrived!

Johnson’s NightScape has been the film choice of many for around a decade, and for good reason. It is one of the nicest looking films on the market today and comes with the assurance of unsurpassed quality that all Johnson Window Films possess. The mad scientists at Johnsons Laminating have taken to NS15 and NS25 […]

Pro-Select Scrapers are BACK!

Pro-Select Retractable Razor Blade Scrapers are back, and here to stay! Almost 2 years has passed since supplier issues forced us to look for alternate products to the plastic Scraper Blade. We will still be stocking the Alway Metal Retractable Scraper and the Soft (Gel) Grip Metal Scraper, although the new Pro-Select model is a […]