As the authorised distributors for 44tools.com we carry the most comprehensive range of tools for the professional installation of window film, paint protection film and auto detailing. We carry hundreds of unique squeegees, hard cards, bondos, turbos, chizlers and much more.

Industries such as Paint Protection, Sign Writing and Window Film Installation have a need for a very unique range of tools. And this said, each person with in these industries has a preference to use tools and equipment that best suit them. For this reason we are able to supply well over One Thousand individual part numbers of tools that best suits you and your business. So no matter what you are looking for, we a bound to have it.

Knives, Scrapers & Blades
Although the Standard 9mm Olfa knife may be the industry’s most popular knife, there are so many more options that will suit different professionals in many different ways. We have over 100 different tools in the category and can supply the right cutting tool, or scraper blade to do the job.

So whether cutting, slicing, trimming, scraping or scoring, we have a blade, knife, or scraper to get the job done and done correctly!

Squeegees and Hard Cards
Approximately 200 individual tools in this category and counting! From the popular Gold Card, to one of the newest and most exciting products to be available today.

For years, professionals have had the trusty ‘Gold Card’ at their side. But times are changing, and technology and advancements in this category are changing with it. Some of the latest designs in this category have been designed around efficiency, performance and longevity – The Three key factors to a job well done.

Installation and Shop Tools
Making life a little easier is one thing that any new tool should do. In this category we show you the tools that will potentially cut installation times, whilst still ensuring a quality job has been done.

The installation tool category is one that has gained the most from advancements in research and development, and with products such as the TITAN TOOL, Door Upholstery remover, and 5 way tool there is a solution for every challenge.

Any great job is often a result of great preparation, no matter what industry you are in. Oceania Distributing supply Cleaning and Preparation Chemicals, as well as ‘slip’ solutions, a vast range of Automotive detailing products, Aquapel Glass Treatments, and varieties of cloths, towels, scrub pads.

We have also recently released a range of Paint Protection chemical aids to compliment the XPEL range of PPF.