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Backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy, It is no wonder why Johnson Window Films are a trusted leader in the window film industry. With well over 30 years experience,  JWF is proud to offer film for the Automotive, Residential, Commercial, Safety, and  Security industries.

There are many reasons why consumers will choose to install a quality window film. For some it may be the conscious effort to protect their health, or the health of the loved ones. It may be to protect a valuable piece of furniture, or even protection from vandalism. Or maybe it’s purely  just for ‘the look’. What ever the reason, at Oceania Distributing we have a Johnson Window Film that will be suited to your exact needs and requirements.

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Providing much more than just good looks and cool comfort, professional automotive window films from Johnson Window Films will deliver benefits beyond your expectations. From reducing fuel consumption to a safer, anti-glare view, you will enjoy the improved driving experience.

And with the seal of recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation, there is no better to way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the harsh effects of the suns rays.

hero-homeResidential                               The words ‘Energy Efficiency’ and ‘Green Living’ are words that are thrown around a lot lately, and for good reason. As the weather becomes more extreme, our everyday living expenses can also become more extreme. The correct window film application can reduce the need for heating and cooling, and in turn reduce the amount of energy being used in your home.

So not only can the right film save you money, but it also looks great and cut out glare and harmful UV rays. So its a win / win!

There is more than one reason that many architects and builders are opting to use window film on so many commercial jobs. Apart from reducing glare, and greatly improving energy efficiency the increased use of window film for the Commercial market has become a cost effective way enhance the design and look of a building. Whilst the 99% UV protection associated with Johnson Window Films will reduce the effects of the suns rays, and lesson the risk of cancers and health issues that are a direct result of too much UV light.
hero-securitySafety & Security
Safety and Security is an area of tremendous growth at present, and for that reason Oceania Distribution have greatly increased the current range available. The Defendor and Trident series of Safety & Security films have been specially manufactured to withstand the worst treatment possible, and extreme cases will even prevent injury from a bomb blast! When it comes to safety, do not accept anything but the best.

Almost all films in the category are AS/NZ2208 Test Certified.