Automotive Films

Providing much more than just good looks and cool comfort, professional automotive window films from Johnson Window Films will deliver benefits beyond your expectations. From reducing fuel consumption to a safer, anti-glare view, you will enjoy the improved driving experience.

At Johnson, our passion is window film. When you choose one of our films for your vehicle, you’re teaming up with 35 years of manufacturing experience and dedication. Check out the wide selection of quality films below, and with the help of a professional Johnson Window Film installer, find the perfect film for your needs and taste.

View Johnson Window Films Automotive Brands…

RAGE is a dual-ply film that complements most vehicle colors and styles, is signal friendly and blocks 99% or more of all harmful UV rays. It is a great value and a solid performing film.
Renegade is a durable, color stable, non-reflective film providing outstanding solar protection. Its “universal black” shade matches most factory tinted vehicles, as well as Marathon high performance films, and is signal friendly for use with GPS and other radio signal devices.
Marathon is a hybrid high performance auto film that does an excellent job in rejecting heat, cutting down glare and blocking harmful UV rays. Additionally, Marathon’s “black” shade matches perfectly with a majority of factory tinted vehicles on the market today
Insulatir is a premium automotive film incorporating new Nano Ceramic Technology. Neither a dyed film nor a metal film, Insulatir is highly durable and contains exceptional infrared (IR) reflective properties.
Ray Guard is a non-reflective line of charcoal colored films. Generally chosen for aesthetic qualities, Ray Guard is non-conductive and will not disturb GPS or satellite antennas.
With a double-layered construction, Greystone’s unique dyed formula provides color durability and long lasting performance. Greystone is also non-conductive and is considered one of the fastest shrinking films available.
The Silhouette range of window film is a hybrid high performance aluminum metallised film. SP films provide superior solar protection and a sophisticated look for many prestige vehicles.
Executive Series is JWF’s premiere all metal, non-fading film providing lasting performance. ES films are neutral in color and backed by an unsurpassed limited lifetime warranty.