Residential Films

The words ‘Energy Efficiency’ and ‘Green Living’ is something that is being thrown around a lot lately, and for good reason. As the weather becomes more extreme, our everyday living expenses can also become more extreme. The correct window film application can reduce the need for heating and cooling, and in turn reduce the amount of energy being used in your home.

Having over 10 different categories of Residential Window Film means that whatever your requirement, we have a solution. It is also extremely important to know that not all glass is the same, and by applying window film to certain glass types can have disastrous effects. So if in doubt, contact our technical team to find the correct film for your application.

View Johnson Window Films Residential Brands…

Daylight Natural films deliver low reflectivity while delivering a soft, neutral look that blends well with any interior. DN metallized films are non-fading and will help maintain a natural view outside the window.

With a copper look that can enhance any outdoor setting, as well as complement a commercial building, Sunset Bronze films offer high heat rejection while reducing glare. These metallized films are also non-fading and highly durable.

SS films have a modern look and provide high light reflectivity, as well as strong heat rejection. An excellent complement to factory tinted glass, Solar Silver’s metallized construction will not fade and will provide strong energy savings.

ScenicView films offer the highest heat rejection available. Suitable for dual pane windows, SV provide low interior light reflectivity creating more optimal day and nighttime views.

With a unique reverse hybrid construction of an aluminum metallized layer with a charcoal dyed film, NightScape offers superior heat rejection while reducing both interior and exterior reflectivity.

Palisade is constructed using state-of-the-art Titanium Nitride (TiN). Applied to a polyester film layer, ceramic film is highly durable and contains exceptional infrared ray (IR) reflective properties.

Architectural designer films are available in striking reflective colors including grey, blue, green, and gold. These films offer excellent heat rejection for both commercial and residential use.

UV Clear – 99% UV protection clear film for unique applications.
White Frost – semi-transparent film; emulates frosted glass
Blackout – opaque black film

Exterior films feature excellent heat rejection and a flexible hardcoat to help protect external glass surfaces. A special pressure sensitive adhesive provides a strong bond between the film and glass for long term durability.