Safety, Security & Anti-Graffiti Films

Safety and Security is an area of tremendous growth at present, and for that reason Oceania Distribution are increasing the current range available. The Defendor and Trident series of films have been specially manufactured to withstand the worst treatment possible, and extreme cases will even prevent injury from a bomb blast! When it comes to safety, do not accept anything but the best.

In Australia, the cost associated with Graffiti vandalism is almost $100mil per year. An absolutely crazy amount that can affect all of us at some point or another. But there are ways to minimise these cost and take back some control.  The range of ‘Defender’ films available have been used successfully in many ways – from Trains, Bus Shelters, Schools, Bathroom Mirrors, and even Elevator Doors. It is a simple peel off and replace film perfect for areas of high risk vandalism.

The security range of films ‘Trident’ and ‘Trident Solar’ are not only for use to keep the effects of criminal vandalism and theft to a minimum, but to also protect us from the potential damage as a result of glass breakage. Available in varying thicknesses and colours, The Trident range of films has the ability to protect us against broken glass as a result of violent storms, accidental breakage by children, or maybe in a factory or machine room?

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Trident safety & security films provide various levels of glass protection by holding glass together when breakage occurs.
Trident is an effective glass hazard mitigation device against threats ranging from vandalism to natural disasters. Available in clear films, or several color shades to provide additional solar energy control.
Defendor anti-graffiti films are designed to combat the ever-growing vandalism problem. The film’s special hardcoat is tough enough to prevent window damage from etched graffiti. It’s a clear, “peel and replace” film that comes in 4 and 7 mil. sizes.