LG VizuonPrint Vinyl

Decades of technological advancements, research, and experience has resulted in class leading Vinyl products from LG Hausys. With films for privacy, design & effect, or if you are looking with excellent printability, LG has a product that will work for you.

LG Hausys has come a long way from manufacturing vinyl sheets back in 1958. And with eco-friendly and award winning products it is no wonder why they are now the market leader in their field. From the beautiful Silver Etch or Gold Etch all the way to the supreme quality Frosted Pearl, LG Vinyls will not only meet your expectations of a quality vinyl but exceed them in every aspect. LG Hausys continually study market trends and look for ways to remain on top of their game, so you can always expect the best from your vinyl.

The use of frosted vinyls in residential applications has seen an increase in recent years, mainly due to its low cost / large gain in regards to privacy, lighting, and aesthetics. Even at home on outdoor glass balustrades and balconies, LG Vinyl is a hard wearing and appealing to the eye solution for glass that needs a little life. 
Commercial use of LG Vinyls is an area with almost endless possibilities. The most common installations see the use of film in meeting and conference rooms, cubicle dividers, office privacy, balustrades, change rooms, and even to create an effect whilst improving safety via making the glass more ‘visible’.
Cutting & Weeding
LG Vinyls are extremely versatile and can be cut and weeded extremely well to make spectacular effects, or to create wording for signs, and directions etc.

We have vinyls with effects such as Mosaics, Pearls, metallic, and frosts.  

Print Receptive
The print receptive range of Vinyl films offered by LG Hausys are a class leading testament to the advancements that this company has made over many years. With their printed films being used in small businesses all the way to huge corporations, for use in marketing and advertising.