Offering one of the largest ranges of Window Film, LG Decorative Vinyl, and Tools & Chemicals, is only a small part of what Oceania Distributing are about and can offer. We can provide many other services to your business, that will not only support growth, but will also ensure that your business has the backing to become a true success. Some of these services are listed below –

Training – Oceania Distributing can provide customised training solutions for the full range of products that we offer. Whether you are just starting out, or perhaps wanting to build your business by offering addition products & service. Because everyone is at different levels of knowledge and experience, it is important that we understand your requirements & needs, and assist you in a way that best suits you.

Many times, a simple phone call and some publication material can be enough to give you the information you need. But whatever it is, give us a call and a member of our technical / training department will do what they can to help.

Trade Shows / Events Support –¬†Having a trade stand at an event is a great way to let people know who you are, what you can provide them, and why they should choose you over a competitor. It gets you face to face to with multiple potential clients in a very short period of time. It is also a great way to create a presence in your market place.

Oceania Distributing can support you at these events by providing everything from Marketing Material, Display Stands, Banners, Posters, and even staff! Yes, we can also have a member of our staff support you at a trade event by offering technical advice and / or demonstrations if need be. Nothing is impossible, and we can assist you in making your event a success!

Tendors Tendoring for large projects can be a very daunting process, yet it is something that together with Oceania Distributing can greatly improve your chances of winning those big jobs. With experience in many large projects throughout Australia and New Zealand, Oceania Distributing will set you at ease in regards to any tendor that you are trying win.

Additional Services –¬†Every business is different, and requires different needs at difference times. Therefore we welcome any calls or enquiries in regards to any additional services or support you may need.