A relatively new addition to our available line up OCEANIA DISTRIBUTING, yet a product that will potentially become one of most popular. The Speed Wing has had outstanding reviews and is quickly becoming a favourite with not only the Window Film Industry, but Vinyl & Graphics installers too.

The 4 inch Speed Wing installation tool is designed with “wings” to enable the installer to reach tight or awkward areas typically out of the reach of most Bump, Bondo, Teflon and other Hard Cards currently available. The Speed Wing also comes with an extremely unique feature of having one flat edge and one curved edge. The curved edge is designed with proprietary Control Contour Technology (CCT) which enables the tool to encourage a finger or bubble to disperse outward which will reduce the chances of a crease.

The Speed Wing material is made from a unique blend of materials that enable it to slide across most film surfaces easily while still maintaining the rigidity lay the material flat and remove any moisture or air trapped underneath. This unique construction will also reduce the chances of marks or scratches that may be left whilst using a much inferior product.

We offer the Speed Wing in 3 different colours, with each colour representing a difference in flexibility.

  • The Red is the softest
  • Yellow is the hardest!
  • And the Green is softer than the Yellow, yet harder than the Red.