Which film is right for me …?

With well over 40 different films available from Oceania Distributing for residential and commercial applications, it can be quite tricky to find a film that will not only do the job you require, but will also be suitable for the type of glass it is to be installed on.

The most common glass types are single pane, toughened (tempered) glass, and laminated glass, with shading variants across the range.

Window film is certainly not a one size fits all product. We need to take into consideration many aspects of the job such as –

• Aesthetics
• Strata compliance
• Energy Saving Requirements
• Reflection onto other surfaces
• Solar heat absorption
• Aspect (which way does the window face)
• Area size of each pane of glass
• Shading from overhangs such as eaves or verandas
• And so much more

Applying the incorrect film can mean that at the very worst it could cause thermal stress and compromise the integrity of the glass.

So before choosing your film, please speak to your professional window film installer or contact one of the friendly staff at Oceania Distributing on 1800 44 88 46 today.